Ana Stanković

Marketing Director and Customer Acquisition

Lenka Arsić

Application, Social Media

Milan Begić

Founder and CEO


Chief Executive Dog

Duško Grujović, M.Sc.Mech.eng.

Project Engineer and Software Development

Đorđe Petrović, Architect

Location scouting, planning & building

Stefan Pantović

Finance and Government Liaison

We are looking for new locations in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia

If you have a location in mind share your information with us.

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Inteligentna vozila doo

Company number: 20969741 | TAX number: 108290466

Our mission is to operate network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles, to secure superior software, end-user experience and to increase awareness for e-mobility in SEE.

  • Terazije 12,
    11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • +381 11 2686 083